Zippered Makeup Clutch Bag Sewing Pattern

You can make looking good on the road possible by making this simple yet handy makeup bag. It has plenty of space to carry all your touchups and even an entire kit to build from the foundation upwards.

If you’re always concerned about your looks and want a handy bag that is easy to carry but has enough space to squeeze all your essentials, this little bag is it.

Time To Complete: 2 Hours
Difficulty: Intermediate

The materials needed to make the bag are minimal which makes it affordable. The main materials needed for the bag are the exterior fabric, interfacing and the interior fabric.

You probably have all the notions required for the project but you can find a full list of the equipment and materials you need to complete this bag inside the pattern.

The pattern comprises of about 20 pages that explain each of the steps on how to make the bag in English and in detail. You also get access to over 80 photographs of the different steps of making the bag. To make the pattern even easier, you get accurate computer drawings that you can use when making the bag.

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