Vintage Ladies Bedjacket Crochet Pattern

Don’t let the name of this bedjacket fool you. It’s a fun, vintage jacket that is hard not to wear. It’s as fun to wear as it is to make.

Time To Complete: 3 Hours
Difficulty: Intermediate

The Vintage ladies bedjacket adds a different twist to nightwear and provides you with an extra layer of comfort and warmth as you break for the day.

With a bit of creativity, this pretty little jacket also makes a great layering accessory. You can play around with the colors to give it a bolder and brighter look which is perfect for running around during the day.

The bedjacket is a beginner friendly pattern. It features basic crochet skills and minimal materials. To make reading and understanding the pattern easy, it’s cleaned up and provides concise information in simple English.

With the pattern you also get other resourceful information like the materials list and different sizing instructions.

Make the best out of your free time and bring back the nostalgic memories of the 1940s and 50s with this vintage remake of the vintage ladies bedjacket. The results will blow your mind away. You can also make the sweater as a gift item.

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