Unisex Perky Shorts for Babies and Children Sewing Pattern

This jaunty perky shorts are basic and easy to make. But, they are a great asset to have when you have a baby or a child aged up 10 years.

Time To Complete: 1 Hour
Difficulty: Beginner

They are perfect for active kids who like being on the floor, crawling all over and even playing outdoors. The pair of shorts are unisex and works great for both sexes. They allow the child to have an extensive range of motion while remaining comfortable.

This pattern walks you through the process of making the same pair of shorts for babies and children aged 2 years to 10 years with a total of 15 different sizes that you can try out. You can make the shorts from any type of fabric which is perfect when you have some pieces you want to upcycle.

The pattern caters to children who are still in diapers and those that don’t wear diapers and have a faux drawstring.

The patterns features a PDF that details the size charts and finished measurements, cutting layouts, seam allowance and step by step instructions on how to make the perky shorts.

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