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Tote Bag Pattern

Every woman loves a good tote bag. Whether you fill it with diapers and toys for your little ones, as a cute and flirty fashion accessory when you go out in the evening or to carry your notebook and laptop when you go to work, a nice tote bag is a must-have.

Totes are not made equal. It’s also safe to say that the design of the tote bag and size differ depending on the use.

A good tote bag pattern is the surest way to make sure you make a bag that is not only unique to you but serves your purpose to the fullest.

Free DIY Tote Bag Pattern

If you don’t have the money to buy a tote bag pattern, there are plenty of experienced sewers who are happy to share their patterns free! We have all of them here!

Free DIY tote bag patterns are just as handy as the purchased options. They feature detailed instructions as well as a variety of other goodies like printable templates, photo guides and a handful also have some great video tutorials to hold your hand as you sew along.

Easy to Make Sewing Designs

 Sewing doesn’t have to sound technical. We have a range of tote bag sewing patterns that require basic sewing knowledge and skills and minimal materials. Our collection features options that only take a few minutes to complete but the results are mind-blowing.

If you haven’t had the chance to sew a tote bag before, you will love how easy our tote bag patterns are and how they turn out.

There’s something for sewers from every level to keep you engaged and sewing at all times. All you need to do is take a minute to browse through the collection to see what works for you.