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The Somerset T-shirt Sewing Pattern | It's Sew Easy

The Somerset T-shirt Sewing Pattern

Somerset t-shirts are the perfect weekend wear. The highly versatile t-shirt makes a great foundational piece to your everyday dress code. You can wear it to a formal or casual events and even  when completing chores around the house. You only need to choose the right sleeve for the t-shirt.  

Time To Complete: 1 hour 20 minutes
Difficulty: Intermediate

The flattering neckline is the most recognizable. But other features like slim-fit design that fits closely through the shoulders and skims through the rest of the body is equally commendable.

You can add the Somerset t-shirt to your wardrobe connection with a little help from this pattern. The pattern covers how to make the t-shirt in different sizes to ensure you create the perfect fit. You can try out any of the four sleeve designs covered in the pattern to create the perfect t-shirt for your intended use.

The straight sleeves come in two length options. The bishop sleeve and cuffs are the other options that you can try out when making the t-shirt.

The pattern features among other things multiple t-shirt sizes, photos, fabric requirements, maker instructions, seam allowances as well as photo tutorials.

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