The Sienna Palazzo Pants Women’s Sewing Pattern

Palazzo pants are a blast from the past. If you’re keen, you must have noticed that they are making a strong resurgence in the fashion circles. The pants pair well with a variety of tops including crop tops, vest tops, t-shirts and official shirts when you want an official look.

Time To Complete: 1 hour 30 minutes
Difficulty: Beginner

The stylish and easy to pair nature of the pants are some of the reasons why most women are warming up to the pants. But, like every other, sizing is everything and sometimes, finding fitting palazzo pants can be hard.

With the Sienna palazzo pant women sewing pattern, you can easily make your own trousers with custom measurements and design to match the occasion you want for the trouser.

This unique pattern allows you to make a pair of pants that flatters your body shape and is perfect for every day wear. The pants are comfortable and easy to wear and will not make you feel suffocated.

You can use the same pattern to make palazzo pants from different materials like cotton or linen for the summer or holiday or try out jacquard for winter.

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