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T Shirt Pattern

T-shirts are a great sewing project. If you’re looking to amp up your closet, having a few self-made t-shirts is a great way to spice up the new closet.

T-shirts are practical, easy to maintain and even easier to make. You only need the right materials, a bit of skill and plenty of patterns because one is never enough.

Whether you want to learn how to make t-shirts or you already have the skills, there are plenty of patterns to try out.

Free DIY t-shirt Pattern

Paid t-shirt patterns are great because they have additional materials that are vital in helping you complete the project like video tutorials and templates. But, if you don’t have the money or for some reason want to cut back on expenses, there are some great free DIY t-shirt patterns that are just as great.

The free patterns include designs for round-neck, V-neck and even polo t-shirts. The tees come in different materials, colors and finishes and different sleeve sizes.

You can choose from basic patterns for an average stay at home t-shirt or you could go all out and go for t-shirts that are perfect for your mummy errands and those that are perfect for social gatherings.

Easy to make sewing designs

Bring out the sewing beast in you with our collection of easy to make sewing designs. Whether you’re sewing t-shirts, bags or accessories, you can easily find great designs that you can try without spending so much time trying to find the designs.

A good design not only has great images to guide you as you sew but should also have clear instructions that are easy to follow even for advanced patterns. When finding different sewing patterns, we only share those that have these qualities so you can enjoy sewing and worry less about whether you’re doing the right thing.