Simple Knit Sweater Pattern

Just because you pick up a simple and quick to knit pattern doesn’t mean it has to be tacky and boring. This simple knit sewing pattern is proof that simple knitting patterns can also be elegant and fashionable.

Time To Complete: 2 hours
Difficulty: Beginner

In as little as a weekend, you can whip this baby up ready for you to wear when  dropping the kids off to school on Monday. It’s easy to work on and only requires a few rectangles, a little seaming and some yarn to get done.

This is a beginner friendly pattern and perfect for those that are still working themselves into the craft. The pattern caters to a variety of women’s sizes ranging from XS to 3XL to cater to women with different body types.

Other than the simplicity of the pattern and the elegant look of the complete sweater, if you need another reason to pick up this pattern, the soft, warm and plush feeling of the sweater against your skin should tip the balance.

In case you run into any problems when making the sweater, there is a full video tutorial that you can refer to.

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