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Shoe and Slipper Pattern

If you’re always looking for new a challenge, why not try shoemaking? It’s an art and one that uses the skills you have already acquired as a seamstress.

The tools required are different. But once you have them, making shoes is going to be much easier. More people are embracing the ability to design and make your own shoes so there are tons of shoe patterns you can try out for beginners as well as experienced shoemakers.

The different patterns feature everything from making a new pair of shoes to upcycling an old pair and giving it new life.

Free DIY shoe patterns

There are many and fun ways to improve and personalize the look of your shoes. There are tons of patterns you can find that will show you how to embellish the shoes by adding glitter, beads, paint and even paper.

You can also use the free DIY shoe patterns to make flip flops, sandals and even wedding shoes from scratch.

Most of these patterns are easy to make and require basic materials and skills. If you love having a unique look, making your own shoes definitely puts you at the top of the competition.

Easy to make sewing designs

Transitioning from sewing to shoemaking can be a daunting task. But if the shoe patterns are easy and have clear instructions, it can be worth your time.

We scour the internet and sewing circles to find the best, unique, simple and easy to make free and premium shoe patterns that you can try out.

If you have some time on your hands and yarning to take on a new project, we have an unlimited collection of shoe patterns ranging from beach shoes, canvas, sandals, high tops and even clown shows for kids. All you have to do is pick a pattern that works for you and get started.