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Scarf and Shawl Patterns

Scarfs are a great way to complement your look. During winter, they keep you warm and they are also a great gift for fellow mums.

Depending on the kind of scarf you want, you can choose from the many scarf knitting patterns available in the market. You can also make the scarfs from different types of yarns, different colors and different themes.

Using the scarf knitting patterns, you can make scarfs for women, men and even for your kids. You can also make the scarfs to sell to your friends and family.

Free DIY scarf knitting patterns

When sourcing for scarf knitting patterns, you can decide to purchase or opt for free ones. Purchased patterns are affordable and provide additional materials like printable templates and video tutorials. They are perfect when working with sophisticated designs.

Free DIY scarf patterns are just as helpful. They save you money while ensuring you get all the information you need to successfully complete the scarf.

Most of the free patterns come in the form of a downloadable PDF that contains a list of everything you need to complete your scarf as we as a tutorial that is clearly laid out in steps to help you complete the design.

Easy to make sewing designs

There are tons of scarf designs you can try out. Some of them are easy and plain while others are more sophisticated. No matter how complicated the pattern looks, the instructions and tutorial should be simple enough to help you complete the design in the shortest time possible.

We are your one stop shop for all the best and easy scarf knitting patterns as well as other sewing, knitting and crocheting designs. We help you find sewing designs that have easy to follow and understand instructions so you find your new passion fun and enjoyable.