Sawgrass Sweater Crochet Design

This sawgrass sweater is one for the ages. It’s a perfect fit for multiple occasions and easily blends in with different outfits.

Time To Complete: One Weekend
Difficulty: Intermediate

The sweater has a shaped neckline and set in sleeves that makes a comfortable look and is perfect for busy women who don’t want sleeves that get in their way.

To make the sweater even more comfortable, it is made from comfortable cotton yarn to give the sweater a casual look that you will be more than happy to wear every day.

Don’t be intimidated by the complicated look of the sweater. Making the sweater is easier than it looks and with this handy tutorial, you shouldn’t have any problems bringing this cute sweater to life.

In case you have any problems with the instructions, there are some picture tutorials that can point you in the right directions.

You also get a full list of materials and tools you need to make the pattern a success. It’s also worth mentioning that the pattern is environmentally conscious which is a big plus.

The design is inclusive and covers how to make the sweater in various sizes without losing the shape, fit or balance.

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