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Quilt Patterns

Are you a quilt lover? Get ready to be blown away! We have a gallery of downloadable quilting pattern tutorials you can make from a wide array of fabrics. We have everything starting with a pattern to get you over your first quilt as well as easy to follow patterns perfect for expert quilters.

Whether you need some inspiration on a new project or looking to coordinate new colors and fabrics, our collection of quilting patterns will help unlock your creativity and keep your quilting passion burning.

Free DIY quilt patterns

This is a great collection of simple projects that are perfect for beginning quilters. Even though they are free, they have detailed instructions and illustrations that make the construction process much easier.

These free quilting patterns focus more on the joys and exploits of quilting by making it easy for you to finish the project.

There are patterns and tutorials for first-time quilters looking for something to soak up the weekend as well as alternative for experienced quilters searching for the next challenge. These great patterns are the perfect method to teach you how easy quilting is and take away the phobia of block patterns

Easy to make sewing designs

Finding time to sew among your other duties can be hard. That is why we make it our job to make sure you have the newest and freshest quilting and sewing designs that are both easy to find and easy to make. You save time trying to find patterns that tickle your passion and spend more time doing what you love sewing.

With the tutorial, you get downloadable PDFs detailing the process of construction, illustrations, and printable templates for some of the tutorials as well as video tutorials. Everything you need to keep your sewing fire burning in one place.