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Purse and Handbag Patterns

Whether you’re starting out or an experienced sewer, purses are a fun and easy project to take on. They have multiple uses, they are easy to sell and they also make great gifts.

There are plenty of purse patterns you can choose from. Each is unique in its own way and tailored to match your skill. You can always give the purse your touch by using different fabrics, compartments among other features that will customize the purse to your style.

Browse through hundreds of free and paid purse patterns that you can try out! Most of them can be made using basic sewing equipment so you don’t need to worry about spending big bucks buying new equipment.

Free DIY handbag patterns

For sewers looking to upgrade from making purses, handbags are just as easy to do and don’t require a lot of materials. Handbags are practical and fun to make. They also happen to be very versatile not only in the variety of patterns but also in their uses.

There is a rich collection of free handbag patterns you can choose from. You can play around with the fabrics and with a bit of experience, you can even tweak the designs to customize the design to your needs.

Easy to make sewing designs

Sewing shouldn’t be a pain. It should be simple, fun and therapeutic. That is why we dedicate ourselves to helping you find excellent designs that are easy to make.

Whether you’re sewing for passion, as a hobby or for your little up and coming business, there are plenty of purse and handbag designs you can try.

You can find your preferred sewing design from the hundreds of options. We make sure you have access to detailed sewing designs that are easy to follow and offer clear instructions.