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Plus Size Patterns

Plus size women can attest to the struggle of finding anything that fits right. Everything is either too small or too big.  Whether it’s a dress, a sweater, a blouse, shoes, or even accessories, finding something that complements your body type and flaunts your curves always seems like an uphill task.

This shouldn’t be the case and you should do something about it. You can make your dresses, sweaters and everything else that you need just the way you like it. With your sewing skills and tools, all you need are the relevant patterns for what you want to make and you’re good to go. Lucky for you we have tons of them!

Free DIY plus size patterns

You don’t have to always pay when you want to look good. As much as patterns will not cost you a lot, you can save the money to when you can’t find the patterns elsewhere and you have to pay for it.

We have free patterns that you can try out and are a good use of your time. They have valuable resources that will help you bring multiple pieces to life and teach you a ton about sewing.

Most of the free patterns will also throw in a printable template to make it easier for you to make anything you want with precise measurements and cuts.

Easy to make sewing designs

Its Sew Easy exists to help you find the joy and satisfaction that comes with sewing. We understand that finding good patterns is tedious and frustrating. That’s why we take it upon ourselves to help you find the right patterns and you can spend more time sewing and bask in the glory of your completed patterns.

We share patterns that we believe are easy for sewers of different skill levels and they are easy to understand.