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Plus Size Dress Patterns

Finding an elegant and fitting dress for plus size women is always a thorny issue. The rise of designers focusing on plus size women has done little to address the issue. Every woman deserves to look great and have a dress that brings out the best in them.

If you can’t find such a dress in stores, why not use your sewing skills to make one for yourself? You can choose from the hundreds of patterns and dress designs we have and in a short time, you can have a new dress ready that fits your body perfectly and requires no adjustments.

Free DIY plus size dress patterns

For that special occasion, you can find plenty of dress patterns that you can pay for however, there are some hidden gems in free patterns as well. You don’t have to pay for them but that doesn’t mean they are not helpful.

Free DIY plus size dress patterns feature all dress designs for all occasions. Whether you’re going for maxi, summer dresses or formal, there’s a chance you can find an excellent free pattern that you can use to make your dress.

Paying for the pattern is not a bad idea either. In some cases, you can’t get the paid pattern elsewhere and it also helps that most of them are affordable so you don’t feel the pinch when paying for them.

Easy to make sewing designs

There’s a boatload of things you can make for yourself and other plus size women, not just the dresses. You only need patterns that are easy to get through and understand. Here at Its Sew Easy, our job is to make those easy to make sewing designs available for you and keep updating them with every new design we come across.

You can focus on working on your sewing skills and completing projects while we work on helping you get great patterns easily.