Personalized Monogram Makeup Bag Sewing Pattern

Your makeup bag goes everywhere you go. It’s only logical that it is something you love carrying around and represents your taste and sense of fashion. A monogramed personalized makeup bag is one of the best makeup bags you can have. It’s simple, but elegant and compliments your look flawlessly.

Time To Complete: 1 hour
Difficulty: Intermediate

What You Will Need to DIY Your Personalize Monogram Makeup Bag Sewing Pattern

  • Canvas
  • Satin liner
  • Metal zipper

You can also make the bag for your friend by engraving their name and having the bag in their favorite color.

The personalized monogram makeup bag sewing pattern allows you to make a makeup bag of your own and engrave it with your preferred wordings.

The patterns offers a lot of variety allowing you to pick your favorite color, the font color you want on the monogram as well the name you want to add to the bag. Simply put, the pattern comes tailored to your specific preferences.

It might look complicated but making this one of a kind makeup bag is a walk in the park for intermediary and experienced sewers.

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