Mega Snuggle Cabin Blanket

Cozy up and keep warm on the couch with this incredible blanket made from heavyweight worsted yarn. The blanket is a great addition to your interior décor and converts your couch or your bed into a comfortable spot where you can hangout when the outdoors are chilly.

Difficulty: Intermediate
Time To Complete: One Weekend

The Blanket has an interesting pattern that is easy to make and perfect for all levels of knitters. You can choose the range of colors you want to choose for your blanket depending on the theme you have going on in your home.

The simple approach and design makes this an appealing option for bold beginners who are looking to take on a big project when they have a lot of downtime on their hands. While the blanket might take some time to complete because of its size, the design is simple enough to understand.

Give this exciting knitting pattern a try. It’s ideal when you’re just starting out and want to stay away from the complicated stitches like reducing stitches and would rather perfect the basics before moving on to the more complex patterns.

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