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Makeup Bag Pattern

Despite the name, makeup bags come in handy in stashing a lot of things other than makeup. They make great gifts and even better accessories as well.

Makeup bags are a top project among sewers because they are easy to make and use minimal resources. If you have a few scraps of fabric that you don’t want to throw away, a makeup bag is a perfect project.

Whether you want to go simple or complex, large or small sewn or crocheted, there’s a makeup bag pattern that will work wonders for you.

Free DIY cosmetic bag patterns

Making your own cosmetic bag allows you to choose the fabric you want and match the bag to your needs. To help you with that, there are affordable and free patterns that you can try out.

Free DIY cosmetic bag patterns are just as helpful as the premium alternatives. There are numerous options you can try out depending on the type and design of the cosmetic bag you want.

For beginners, there are plenty of simple cosmetic bag patterns you can try out including the front and back piece makeup bags.

Easy to make Sewing designs

No matter what kind of makeup bag you want to make or your experience as a sewer, simple instructions are vital in helping the new bag become a success.

That is why we take time to find easy to make makeup bags with clear and detailed instructions. Whether you choose to purchase the pattern or go for a free option, you can enjoy making the new pattern with no worries. The patterns have clear and simple guides in the form of a PDF and some also contain pictorial illustrations that show you how your bag should look like before and after each step.

For sewers with some crochet experience, you can check out some crochet makeup bag patterns as well.