Log Cabin Baby Quilt Pattern

Looking for an excellent quilt blanket to add to your baby’s nursery? Why not try out this log cabin baby quilt pattern? It’s easy to work on, looks great and gives you an opportunity to put some of those scraps lying around your home to some good use.

Time To Complete: One Weekend
Difficulty: Intermediate

This quilt design is inspired by vintage and modern log cabins with a touch of cabin heart to the quilt pattern. It’s perfect for your baby’s crib and you can also use it for swaddling your little one to give them a warm and comfortable place to sleep.

This is an intermediate quilting pattern but also provides plenty of learning opportunities for beginners who are up for a challenge. The pattern provides detailed instructions that are easy to follow backed up by “as you quilt” block images, quilt images and outlines.  With all the resources provided by the pattern, even newbies should have an easy time working on the quilt.

The only vital requirement to allow you to pull this off is you need to know how to use the rotary cutter and sew accurate ¼ -inch seams.

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