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Lingerie Patterns

There’s no better way to treat yourself than the feeling of fresh, new laces rubbing against your skin. New lingerie is a great confidence booster. But, the time you take trying to find the perfect fit can suck the fun out of buying new lingerie.

But, with some sewing skills and the right lingerie pattern, you could save yourself the trouble and sew yourself excellently fitting lingerie. You save time and remain comfortable throughout the day. Nothing beats that!

Free DIY lingerie Patterns

Buying a lingerie pattern is cheaper than buying ready-made lingerie. What’s more, with the pattern, you can make lingerie in different colors which saves you more while allowing you to spoil yourself whenever you want.

You could save even more by going for some free DIY lingerie patterns and saving the paid ones for special occasions.

With an extensive collection of free lingerie patterns, finding something that matches your mood and preference is easier.

With a few sewing supplies a fabric of your choice and a free lingerie pattern, you can make excellent lingerie on pennies on the dollar instead of spending hours at the store sifting through to find what fits.

Easy to make sewing patterns

With these easy to make sewing patterns, you can make your lingerie to measure to ensure comfort at all times.

You can choose between paid and free patterns depending on your budget and preference. The pattern you choose features a downloadable digital PDF and a list of materials and tools you need to complete the lingerie.

Some of the patterns also come with printable templates for easier measuring and cutting and pictures of the different steps. Some patterns will also offer video tutorials that are perfect for sewers that are making the lingerie pattern for the first time.