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Kids Sewing Patterns

Kids patterns make it easy and affordable for you to surprise your little ones with cute items like dresses, pajamas, dolls and even capes of their favorite superheroes.

The patterns feature all kinds of designs in different colors and themes which makes it easier for you to find something that your little one is going to like. You can also choose the patterns depending on the season. There are summer patterns you can use to make summer dresses, pants and t-shirt and for winter, you can go for sweaters, rompers and heavy socks patterns.

Free DIY kids patterns

For the everyday mum running a tight ship but still willing to make cute items for their kids, free DIY kids patterns are heaven-sent.

There are tons of free patterns and thousands of designs for different items that you can try out. Each of the patterns come with a complete tutorial that offers simple and clear instructions that will help you with the construction of the new project.

Other than saving you money, free DIY kids patterns are perfect for sewers that are just getting into sewing and looking for materials that can help them improve.

Easy to make sewing designs

Regardless of the type of design and pattern you choose, it should be easy to sew. The instructions and illustrations used in the patterns play a vital role in making designs achievable and easy to sew.

At Its Sew Easy, we take up the mantle of ensuring you can find easy to sew designs without investing a lot of time looking for the designs. We carefully go through all the kids patterns both paid and free and recommend the ones we believe are perfect for every sewing skill level.

We look for simplicity in the instructions and details in the tutorial to ensure you have the best chances of finishing your construction successfully.