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Glove Pattern

Gloves can be a deceptive sewing project. On one hand, it appears all you need to do is trace your hand on a piece of paper or straight on to a fabric and you can start stitching the pieces together.

There’s a little more planning and execution needed to come up with a pair of gloves that you can proudly step outside your home with.

You can choose from the many glove patterns available depending on the type of gloves you want to make. There are fleece winter glove patterns or leather gloves, there’s a tutorial that can walk you through the proper process of making gloves.

Free DIY glove pattern

You can get started with a free DIY glove pattern if it’s your first time making gloves before you go for paid tutorials. There are numerous free glove patterns that are just handy that you can use to make your dream pair of gloves.

Free DIY glove patterns are also handy when you don’t want to spend. The patterns are just as impressive and helpful.

Free glove patterns feature a list of the materials you need to make the gloves as well as a detailed instruction manual with the step by step process from measuring and cutting to stitching the pieces together.

Easy to make sewing designs

We want you to have as much success as possible when making your gloves. That is why we have some of the easiest sewing patterns. If you’re up for a challenge, we also have some interesting patterns that you can try. These are made easier by the crystal clear instructions and guides that make it easy to make complicated glove patterns.

Finally, you can get glove patterns that will allow you to make your own functional and fashionable gloves using basic sewing materials and skills.