Free Summer Maxi Dress Pattern

How would you like to take your boring, rarely used maxi dress and turn it into something spectacular, romantic and sexy? This free summer maxi dress tutorial is going to help you achieve just that.

Time To Complete: 1 Hour
Difficulty: Beginner

What You Will Need to DIY Your Own Free Summer Maxi Dress Pattern

  • Thrifted dress
  • Basic sewing essentials
  • One yard ¼ inch elastic

This is a great pattern for beginners because it doesn’t entail making the dress from scratch. If you have some dresses that you don’t wear frequently, this pattern will make them hip, with a dash of fashion.

The pattern is quite resourceful and offers an instruction manual that walks through the process of giving your maxi dress a complete makeover to make it the center of attention during summer. The pattern also has some helpful images that can help you make the most out of your dress.

If you have some minutes to spare and you’re looking for a quick project that will yield some great results, this pattern is just for you. Simple, quick, and elegant.

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