Free Remona’s Reversible Tote Bag Pattern

Grab and go totes are the best. You can toss just about anything in them and run for the door. They are perfect if you’re always in a hurry and want a stylish bag that doesn’t show you left in a rush. Luckily, such bags are easy to make. The Remona Reversible tote bag is one of them.

Time To Complete: 1 Hour 30 minutes
Difficulty: Beginner

For this simple and quick to make bag, you can use a variety of hardy fabrics that hold up to wear and tear. Denim material is one of the most favorable but by all means, you can try out some other interesting fabrics as well.

Using this free Remona’s reversible tote bag, you can make a roomy, reusable bag with multiple applications. You can use the bag for groceries, dashing out to the library, it can even be your home-made purse.

The Hobo-style is unique in a variety of ways and the bag itself requires minimal maintenance.It’s a great short term project to pick up. If not for yourself, you can make the bag for your college going kids or even as a gift to friend.

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