Free 25 Easy Purse Patterns

A purse is every woman’s secret weapon. It can be the missing piece that makes your outfit stand out and it can be the handy helper that keeps everything you need to keep yourself together close by.

For sewers, making purses is always fun and interesting. You can choose a design that is unique to you and fits your preference. These 25 great purse patterns are a great starting point for you.

1.Very Pretty Japanese Handbag

This pretty little bag is the perfect partner to help you pop. It also happens to be spacious enough to hold your phone and a few make up items.  

2. Ball Frame Clutch

This makes a great clutch bag especially if you’re going for a coordinated look for a wedding. It’s also a great clutch to make if you’re going for an extra elegant look.  

3. DIY Envelop Clutch

This little bag is perfect for totting your everyday essentials. It’s perfect for casual weekend escapades and you have it ready in a short time.

4. Oil Cloth Coin Purse Tutorial

With the right supplies, you can have this little beauty done and ready to show off in about 40 minutes. It’s a great purse to try out if you’re a beginner.  

5. Drawstring Purse Pattern

You have to give this cloth bag a try. It’s easy peasy and doesn’t take much time. It’s also a great opportunity to make something good out of those cloths lying around.

6. Piping and striping shoulder bag tutorial

Shoulder bags are an alternative when you want to keep your hands free. Shoulder bags adds an interesting twist to your look and provide lots of space for your phone, makeup and other essentials.  

7. Cute Japanese Coin Purse

You don’t have to learn Japanese to make this little hideaway for your coins. It’s simple to make and the instructions are even simpler to follow.  

8. Messenger Bag

When you need something with a little more space and works better in a casual setting, messenger bags are the way to go. This tutorial will teach you how to whip up one of your own in no time.  

9. The Hepburn bag

The Hepburn bag makes a great accessory for women that are always in the office or official meetings. It’s secure, versatile and looks professional.  

10. Swing Bag

This swing bag is made from a fat eighth and fat quarter fabrics. It’s a super easy four-patch bag to make. You can change the fabric, embellishments and straps to suit your style.  

11. Oriental Style Fan Purse

This fan-shaped bag is a whacky take on purses and one that you’re going to find very interesting to make. You can throw some oriental-influenced ribbons or appliques to capture the design perfectly.  

12. Clutch Purse

This stiffened handbag features a metal hinged-clasp and is perfect for special occasions when you want to pull out all the stops.  

13. The Shirt Sleeve Sack

Pull out your old shirts and upcycle them into this sleek reversible bag. It’s perfect for grocery runs among other daily applications.  

14. Fold-over Bag Tutorial

The fold-over bag is a hip, casual and spring-inspired accessory that you’re going to love. It’s practical but not too big that it takes attention from you or your outfit.

15. A Summery Bag Pattern

Spare an afternoon and try making this bag pattern you won’t regret it. For your time and effort, you get a spacious, classy and elegant bag.  

16. Hobo Dance Bag Tutorial

How about a cute, pink and girly bag for your little girl to take to her dance lessons? You can also make it blue and boyish for the little man to take to his extra-curricular activity classes.

17. The Cutie Pootie Purse Pattern

Tired of landing on hard patterns that you can’t bring to life? Give the cutie pootie a try. You only need two hours and you could have this bag completed.

18. Boxy Purse Tutorial

Why not sew yourself this boxy purse. It’s a great place to keep all your sewing materials. It also makes a great mobile sewing station for you.

19. Gathered CosmoCup Tutorial

Go berserk with this crazy tutorial. It’s the perfect option to pick up on a weekend afternoon to power up your creativity muscle.  

20. Lipstick Purse

When you don’t have much to carry, this little purse will come in handy. It’s small enough to pack your lipstick or some money but big enough to get noticed.

21. Purse Elephant Tutorial

Give this quirky purse tutorial a try. It’s perfect for your little ones. They can use it to carry stationery or lunch money.  

22. Patchwork Wristlet

As a good sewer, you shouldn’t let anything go to waste. There’s a pattern out there that makes use of even the smallest pieces of scraps you have lying around. This patchwork wristlet is one such creation.  

23. Mini Backpack Coin Purse and Key Chain

There are tons of different ways you can make these cute coin purses. They come with a keychain so you can attach them to your main backpack.  

24. Messenger Bag from Cargo Pants

Before you show your old cargo pants out the door, you can use their strong material to make yourself this great messenger bag.

25. 9-Patch Mini Purse

Another practical, small bag that makes use of some of the patches you have lying around. It’s an easy and quick project to make.

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