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Free 25 Easy Messenger Bag Patterns | It's Sew Easy

Free 25 Easy Messenger Bag Patterns

Looking for some great messenger bag patterns to work on? You’re in the right place. You can start on these free 25 easy messenger bag patterns now!

1.Kid’s Messenger Bag Tutorial

If you’re attending a kid’s birthday and you’re stranded on what gift to take them, this bag might come in handy. It’s also a great bag for your own kids.  

2. Messenger Bag Pattern and Tutorial

Messenger bags don’t have to be solid and boring. You can play around with some bold and bright colors and patterns as is the case with this pattern.  

3. Pretty Pleated Purse Pattern 

Here’s another great messenger bag pattern that plays around with bright colors and patterns. It also has a unique pleat design that adds some creativity to the bag.  

4. School Party Satchels

Satchels are commonly made from leather. This one is a little different. They are made from everyday fabrics that are easy to find and there are no buckles. But the bags are just as stunning.  

5. Messenger Bag: a Tutorial

This little messenger bag is not only stunning but also very durable. It’s perfect for college going students and has unique flip cover with pleats that you’ll find loads of fun to make.  

6. Messenger Bag Tutorial

For a more official appropriate messenger bag, you’ve got to give this simple, but elegant pattern a try.

7. Mini Messenger Bag

Put bits and pieces of your favorite fabric to good use to personalize the flap of this cute little bag. It’s perfect for weekend errands with enough room for your phone, wallet and keys.

8. Slim Mustang Bag with Tuck Locks

If you obsess about the details of every sewing project you try, you’re going to love this pattern. Everything is well laid out and the bag even has tuck locks to keep the contents of the bag safe and secure.

9. Messenger Bag Pattern Sewing Tutorial

This pattern emphasizes on the strengths of messenger bags; simplicity and elegance. It’s an easy to make bag without the bells and whistles and offers great results.  

10. Fold Over bag Tutorial

This is a great two in one bag that provides you with extra space when you need it and folds over neatly when you want a compact easy to carry bag.

11. Kid’s Mini Messenger Bag Pattern

Can’t get enough of small, classy bags? Here is one that you’re going to love using and making. It holds all your essentials without dragging you down as you carry it through the day. It’s also a great bag for your little ones.

12. One Yard Magic Messenger Bag

There are limitless opportunities with this bag depending on the fabric you choose. The tutorial is easy to follow and perfect for beginners looking to take a leap in their sewing skills.  

13. The Malibu Satchel Tutorial

This Malibu Satchel is irresistible. You will find yourself making it over and over again. It’s a great gift item if you like giving practical and usable gifts.  

14. Oval Messenger Bag

Break away from the normal standard square-shaped messenger bag and take a crack at this oval standout design. It gives you a chance to mix and match fabrics.  

15. Upcycled Messenger Bag Tutorial

Upcycling allows you to get the most value out of old clothes and fabrics and reduce landfills. With this pattern, you can make good use out of old jackets and play your part in improving the environment.  

16. aedyn Messenger Bag

Beginners, here is a messenger bag tutorial you can try out without pulling out your hair. It’s simple and the bag once complete looks like a masterpiece.  

17. Messenger Bag Tutorial

With this tutorial, you can make a messenger bag that you can take everywhere you go. The design allows you to make a bag you can take to formal and casual gatherings without looking out of place.  

18. Foldover Messenger Bag

Why not give this simple to sew foldover bag a try? It’s gorgeous it’s no surprise you will find it hard to separate yourself from the bag.  

19. Mod Messenger Bag Tutorial

You’ve got to give this beginner-friendly messenger bag pattern a try. It’s also a great project for experienced sewers looking to take a break from technical projects.

20. Little Bike Messenger Bag

Taking a bike is healthy. But it means leaving most of your essentials behind. With this pretty little bag, you can carry everything you need.   

21. Toddler Messenger Bag

You can trade in your big and bulky diaper bag for this chic, elegant and beautiful messenger bag. All you have to do is give the pattern a try.  

22. Kid-Sized Messenger Bag Free Pattern

Make this shrunken size messenger bag for that special little one in your life. In just a couple of evenings, you can make this impressive bag.  

23. Flip Flop Messenger Bag

This roomy tote has more space than you would expect. It has a loose structure and a folded down design to provide you with just the right amount of space when you need it.  

24. Mini Downtown Messenger Bag

Make your afternoon strolls downtown extra special with this beginner-level messenger bag that allows you to carry all your essentials.

25. Free Messenger Pattern

The best way to close the list is by having a beginner-friendly, simple but elegant messenger bag pattern which makes a perfect bag for adults and kids.

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