Easy DIY Fishtail Circle Skirt Tutorial

How about getting out of your comfort zone and trying out this unique flowy skirt? Made from Auburn matte knit, this one-of-a-kind skirt will have heads rolling and accentuate your curves.

Time To Complete: An Afternoon
Difficulty: Intermediate

The most challenging part of making this skirt is getting the measurements right. But the tutorial does a great job of explaining and illustrating how to get everything done correctly so you shouldn’t have any problems with the measurements. There are also plenty of photos to refer to in case you get stuck.  

The complete skirt is quite the sight to behold. It’s flowy, and drapery which makes it great for a summer look.

Like most skirts, this Fishtail circular skirt is easy to pair and works with a blouse, a top and even tanks tops.

The skirt will easily go with sandals or high heels if you’re going for that formal look but it’s always a good idea to think about the purpose before you start sewing so you can get the colors right as well.

Don’t the let the final look of the skirt discourage you. It’s pretty easy to make even for beginners with some experience.

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