Easy Colorblock Clutch Tutorial

Clutch bags make perfect accessories to any look. Not only do these handy bags complement your look, they also keep everything you need for the day like your phone and make up close to you.

The easy colorblock clutch bag is a fashion forward purse that complements both formal and casual looks while remaining practical. It’s spacious and can be done in no time!

Other than teaching you how to make this pattern, the tutorial also has some great tips that you can use to build your leatherworking skills.

Grab this free pattern and make the perfect accessory for all your outfits. It’s a piece you will be glad to have in your arsenal.

While there’s no doubting the elegance and looks of the colorblock purse, it’s also worth noting that it is deceptively spacious which is quite commendable. You can easily squeeze in several items in the bag without nasty bulges.

The clutch bag tutorial is an excellent choice if you’re just starting to work with leather. It works great for sewing beginners and takes a short time to make. You can spend the rest of the time admiring your new creation.

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