Easy Booties Knitting Pattern

You’re probably thinking, gosh another baby booties pattern! But, these come with a catch. They are actual booties that go an ankle high and if you unfold them, they can even go higher. They are perfect for babies aged 0-12 months.

Time To Complete: 50 Minutes
Difficulty: Beginner

What You Will Need to DIY Your Own Easy Booties Knitting Pattern

  • 50 grams of light worsted yarn
  • A pair of regular knitting needles (US size 5 will do)

There are several reasons why you should try out this pattern. The first is that the booties are quick and easy to make. You only need yarn and a pair of knitting needles to work on them which means they are the perfect project to undertake on a budget. They are beginner friendly and can be made by almost any one with basic sewing and knitting skills like knit and purl and a little basic cabling.

Get yourself this one of a kind pattern and get down to work. You will love what this stylish booties look like when complete and even more how they look on your little ones. You can make them in different colors depending on your child’s gender.

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