DIY Leather Bucket Bag Pattern

If you pack a little heavy every time you step out, a bucket bag is for you. If you’re concerned about how you look and take time to dress up and look right, then this leather bucket bag will fit right in with your regimen.

Time To Complete: 2 hour 30 minutes
Difficulty: Difficult

It’s a roomy, elegant looking and downright gorgeous leather bucket bag that will have heads turning every time you have it on.

The bucket bag comes with a shoulder string that allows you to carry the bag on your shoulder or you can cross-body it to distribute. A cute leather drawstring mans the opening of the bag keeping its content secure and safe.

If you love what this bag has to offer, you’ve got to try out the pattern. The pattern has a PDF, includes actual size printable templates of the bag for accurate cuts when making the bag. In the pattern you will also find the recommended thread size and leather thickness to get you just the right results.

This pattern is suitable for experienced leather crafters who understand the required stitches and processes to complete the bag.

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