Crossover Embellished Artisan Apron Sewing Pattern

Whether you’re a stay at home or you find yourself in a mess most of the time, a nice apron is a great way to keep the stains away from your clothes. But, aprons can be boring. They all look the same with little inspiration to offer.

Time To Complete: 1 hour
Difficulty: Beginner

The Artisan Apron is designed to change that by helping you make an apron inspired by your creativity and one that you’re going to love wearing.

The apron has a vintage and curved seams with pockets and a crossover back. If you’re worried about the size, the pattern covers how to make the apron in multiple sizes from S to 4XL. All you need to is cut out the size that works for you.

You can use linen or cotton as the main fabric of the apron but linen is preferred because it drapes better.

Once the main apron is complete, you can embroider sayings, badges, laces, and buttons. Typically, the apron becomes a canvas for your creativity.

The pattern will provide you with the measurements as well as a leaflet with detailed instructions, photos and embellishment ideas.

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