Crossover Artisan Apron Pattern

Being a mum means multi-tasking and constantly fighting off stains. A nice, stylish apron can help make stain management easier and reduce the worry of messing up your clothes. This crossover artisan apron presents you with a great opportunity to show off your sewing skills while keeping your clothes clean and stain free the whole day.

Time To Complete: A Few Hours
Difficulty: Intermediate

In addition to the great design the apron has pockets and a cross-over back that makes it functional and stylish. It flares out on the bottom which allows it to cover as much of your outfit as possible.

Whether you’re preparing for a messy time in the kitchen with the kids or some time alone catching up on your sewing, this one of a kind apron proves to be the one accessory you have been missing.

With the pattern, you can make the apron made in up to seven different sizes. Once you’re done with the apron, the pattern also has loads of ideas on how you can embellish the apron and give it your personal touch.

You can make the apron from cotton or linen fabrics depending on what you prefer.

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