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Crochet Patterns

Once you have mastered all your crochet stitches, it’s time to test your new skills on a pattern. Luckily, there are thousands of crochet patterns and beautiful designs that you can try out.

When choosing a crochet pattern, it’s vital that you pick one that is designed for your skills. It’s tempting to go for an advanced pattern, however, going for patterns suited to skill level provides better success and improves your confidence. With time, you can start taking on advanced crochet patterns.

Just like sewing, crochet patterns cover just about anything from clothes to couch blankets. You just have to pick what you want to make.

Free DIY crochet patterns

Free DIY crochet patterns are perfect when you’re not sure if you’re good enough or take crocheting seriously enough to start paying for patterns. You can get tons of free crochet patterns and most of them have really interesting designs.

Free DIY crochet patterns can also go a long way in helping you improve your skills. With their diversity, you always have a design at your fingertips that you can work on as soon as you find the time and you don’t have to worry about paying for it.

Easy to make sewing designs

For beginners, crochet guides can feel like they are written in a foreign language. The details can be hard to follow and often feature a lot of abbreviations.

We want you to have the easiest time as you learn new skills and start making new items. We find the easiest to sew and crochet design and focus on recommending patterns that have easy to read and understand instructions so you can focus your energy on what you’re making.

Most of the designs we feature have handy illustrations that walk you through the process as well as simplified instructions.