Crochet Cable Cardigan Pattern

Oversize sweaters are witty and unique. They are oddly comfortable to wear because they don’t restrict your movement and with the right design, they can be a nice fashion statement.

Time To Complete: One Weekend
Difficulty: Intermediate

What You Will Need to DIY Your Own Crochet Cable Cardigan Pattern

  • 6mm Crochet hook
  • Ayn weight 4 yarn 650g (700g, 750g, 800g)

This cable cardigan is one of the few that’s comfortable and the cables give it a unique look that will have heads turning.

Making the cardigan is simple. It’s created with 5 separate panels that include the back, two sleeves and two front panels that are then stitched together.

The pattern provides directions on how to make the cables on the front as well as on the sleeves. If you’re a beginner looking for a challenging project that will improve your confidence or an experienced hand looking to go back to the basics with a quick and easy to complete project, this design is perfect.

The pattern allows you to make the cabled cardigan in various sizes depending on your preference. The covered sizes include S – M, (L – XL, 2XL – 3XL, 4XL – 5XL).

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