Chunky Brim Rib Knit Pom Hat Knitting Pattern

With as little as wool, acrylic and size 15 knitting needles, you can make your own warm and elegant peregrine hat. This chunky looking hat is perfect for the biting winter cold. It keeps you warm without taking your sense of fashion away.

Time To Complete: 1 hour 30 minutes
Difficulty: Beginner/ Intermediate/ Advanced

It’s a great project for both beginners and advanced knitters to try out. While the pattern explains how to make the hat in one color, you can customize it by using different colors of yarn to reflect your creativity.

The poms is a fine addition that brings a whimsical touch to the hat giving it a light-hearted touch which often makes for a great talking point.

With the instructions, you will also get ‘how to videos’ of the techniques used to knit the hat. The videos are a great resource that you could use when working on other knitting projects.

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