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Cardigan Knitting Pattern

If you’re looking to switch things up from sewing, why not dust up your knitting needles and make yourself a deserved cardigan?

We have every cardigan pattern you might want. Whether you’re looking to layer up over fall or stay warm over winter without losing your mummy touch, there’s a cardigan that matches your needs perfectly and you will find it here.

Get cardigan design patterns from some of the best designers and mums that have shared some of their best works so you can get to try them out as well.

Free DIY cardigan knitting patterns

You don’t have to break the bank to make yourself a new cardigan. There are plenty of free DIY cardigan knitting patterns available and they are just as gorgeous as the paid alternatives.

Free patterns are ideal when you’re knitting a cardigan for the first time. They are also ideal when you want to take on a new project but want to keep the costs minimum and for those isolated occasions when you have a tight budget, a free pattern will allow you to treat yourself to a new cardigan for all your hard work.

Easy to make sewing designs

Unleash the therapeutic power of knitting with the help of the multitude of easy sewing designs available. Whether you’re looking for a premium design from your favorite designer or a free pattern to keep you busy in your free time, we have some incredible options for you.

Each of the patterns features a short description of what you will be making, images of what the end product will look like as well as a simple, but detailed guide to help you make the cardigan.

Some premium patterns go as far as having illustrations on every step and video tutorials which make easy cardigan designs even easier.