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Bra Patterns

Bras come in different designs and colors. Aside from their functionality, they can add some sense of sexiness and comfort if you pick the right size and design.

A carefully picked bra design can also be the perfect surprise on a special night and can help boost your sense of femininity. But sometimes, it feels almost impossible to find the right type of bra.

With a few bra patterns, you can always make a new bra design on a whim every time you want. That makes it easy for you to reach into your drawer and pull out a bra of your choice.

Free DIY bra patterns

You will probably find yourself working on more than one or two bras. While you might want to bring out your purse for those special patterns that you can’t find elsewhere, you will also find that free DIY bra patterns come in handy.

There are just as many and interesting designs to choose from and you get the same clear instructions to help you execute the project to perfection.

Free patterns feature various designs and bras made from different fabrics including lace and cotton so it’s easier to find the pattern and design you have in mind.

Easy to make sewing designs

Whether you’re making a bra, a sweater, a shirt for your husband or boyfriend or towel capes for the little ones, you want to a design that is easy to make. The pattern itself might not be the easiest but the instructions have to be on point and easy for you to follow as you sew along.

Unfortunately, in most cases, finding such instructions can be elusive and frustrating. But we have dedicated our time to helping you find the best and easiest sewing designs so you can spend more time sewing and having fun while at it.