Bobble Cowl Scarf Knitting Pattern

Bobble cowl scarfs are a great accessory for mild winters and breeze spring afternoons. They keep you warm while complementing your look and giving you a more sophisticated and elegant look.

Time To Complete: 2 hours
Difficulty: Intermediate

With this pattern, you can make your own bobble cowl scarf on a budget and make huge savings. The pattern features a classic-looking knit bobble cowl scarf with ribbing and mesmerizing sequences that make it easy to pair with a variety of looks.

The scarf has textured knots that contribute to the harmonious look of the scarf with  backdrops of gradually shifting colors. The scarf is quite appealing to the eye and is a lot of fun to make.  

On the surface, the scarf looks complex, but the knitting process is relatively simple and suited for beginners. It is knitted in the round and it also helps that the pattern provides you with stitch glossary that you can use in this and other subsequent knitting patterns that you try out.

Other than the instructions, the pattern also offers detailed schematic with concise measurements to help you make the perfect accessory for you.

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