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Blouse Patterns

Blouses are a huge part of the life of the everyday woman. They are highly wearable and you can pair them with just about anything. For a formal look, a nice blouse and an elegant skirt are the perfect pair and for a casual look, a blouse and jeans get the job done. Even for days when you’re at home chasing after the kids, playing and cleaning the house, the blouse remains a go-to for many women.

Having several blouses in your closet can be the cure to those days when you’re not sure of what you want to wear but still want to look good. But, just like a dress, the blouse has to be the right fit and the right design and sometimes that can be hard to achieve with storage options. So, why not make the blouse yourself?

Free DIY blouse patterns

You have the skills and the tools and we have all the patterns you need to make the blouse or blouses of your choice. We have paid options that can walk you through the process and we also have some nifty free patterns that can achieve the same thing if you’re looking to make the blouse on a budget.

Free patterns are often frowned upon but they are just as great. They offer plenty of information for nothing and are perfect when you’re making the first few blouses. Once you’re confident enough in your sewing skills, you can finally consider going for paid options.

Easy to make sewing designs

All our blouse designs are easy to make and have instructions that you won’t have any problem following and understanding. The patterns are clearly laid out for you so you can spend the least time possible constructing and enjoy as much success as possible.