Bernat Crochet Kids Bear Hood Pattern

If you have trouble getting your kids to wear a hat, this crochet bear hood could solve your problem. Cute, warm, and stylish, your kids are going to get hooked on wearing this one-of-a-kind hat. It’s particularly ideal when your child is going out to play.

Time To Complete: One Afternoon
Difficulty: Intermediate

Making the adorable and cozy bear hat is as simple as it looks. To ensure it’s comfortable for your little ones sensitive skin, it’s advisable to use Bernat wavelength yarn and Bernat velvet stripes yarn. This will ensure the hat is cozy and doesn’t irritate the child.

The yarn comes in different shades giving you the opportunity to make the bear hat in any shade you want.

Unfortunately, the pattern only covers one size which is perfect for kids aged 2-4 years. However, once you have the first one done, you can easily adjust if you want to make the hat bigger or smaller.

The instructions in the pattern are not beginner friendly but should work for crochetiers with some experience.

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