Beginner Lana Kimono Cardigan Crochet Pattern

There’s not an awful lot of patterns out there that are designed with beginners in mind. That makes it hard for beginners to find patterns that can help them improve on their craft and become better. The easy beginner Lana Kimono cardigan is one of the few that is not only beginner-friendly but made with beginners in mind.

Time To Complete: One Weekend
Difficulty: Beginner

The cardigan itself is a vintage-ish looking but stylish cardigan that you’re going to love wearing once it’s done.

Despite the simplistic approach to appeal to beginners, the sweater has a  very trendy look and plenty of pizzazz and you’re going to be very proud of yourself once you pull it off.

The pattern is so simple you could have it done in as little as one weekend. It comprises of two rectangles and some seaming and you’re done.

The only crochet techniques you need to know to complete this pattern are double crochet, chain stitch and slip stich.

In case you have any challenges along the way, the pattern also includes a collection of photographs of the garment that you can use for illustration.

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