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Backpack Pattern

Backpacks come in different designs and sizes. Their diversity is what makes them an interesting project for most sewers.

Because of the many applications, you might find yourself making a bag more than once. Luckily, there are as many backpack patterns as there are designs and uses.

Backpacks are extremely satisfying to make especially when you choose a design that works for you. You can make one for yourself or even for your school going little ones.

Free DIY backpack pattern

You can learn how to make a backpack using a free DIY backpack pattern. There are plenty of options to choose from depending on your sewing skills and the available materials.

The free patterns are also applicable for experienced sewers looking to take on a new project on a budget. There is an exciting range of options to choose from with backpacks of all designs and colors.

You can choose to make a backpack with padded or normal straps, patch front pockets or gusseted, single pocket or compartment, zippered or secured using magnetic snaps. No matter what you’re thinking of, you will find a great backpack pattern you can work with.

Easy to make sewing designs

You don’t have to agonize over complex backpack patterns especially when you’re starting out. There are some easy to make designs that you can start with that look great and will do wonders for your sewing confidence.

We have compiled an extensive list of backpack patterns for sewers at all levels. Both paid and free patterns feature easy to follow instructions in flawless detail, pictures to guide you as you make the bag and some have video tutorials as well.

Most backpacks require basic sewing materials and for some, you can even stitch up some scraps or upcycle old clothes and fabric to make stunning backpack designs.