Amigurumi Bear Crochet Pattern

There are tons of bear pattern you can try out but none of them cuter than the Amigurumi bear toy. This little eyed and eared cutie will melt your heart instantly as soon as you complete it. It’s a great gift to give your little girl especially when you’re chasing that mum of the year award.

Time To Complete: 1 hour 20 minutes
Difficulty: Beginner

Luckily, to make this pattern does not need you to bend over backwards. The designer has invested heavily in the pattern to cover all grounds and make sure you have an easy time when constructing this project.

The pattern offers instruction and tips on how to make different aspects of the bear like row by row crochet instructions, video tutorials, recommendations on tools, yarns and yarn brands to use, a description of how to make the face as well as process photos.

The pattern is beginner friendly and comes in five different languages. You get everything you need to make the doll yourself and then some.

Once the doll is complete, you can make a few adjustments like embroidery to give the doll a more personalized and satisfying look.

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