50 Free Zipper Pouch Patterns

Looking for quick projects with a high success rate? Zipper pouches fit the bill perfectly. They are easy to make, and you can use leftover fabric and materials from other projects. Here are 50 free zipper pouch patterns to help you make the perfect zipper pouch for a gift or selling.

1. Bowfront clutch zip pouch

It’s surprising how much more fun adding a bow to the front of your zip pouch can bring. The design is simple yet fun!

2. Polka dot zip pouch  

Whether you use polka dot fabric or stencil polka dots using gold metallic paint like in this pattern, the result is stunning and breathe taking.

3. Monogrammed leather zip pouches

Perfect for creative minds, this idea is not only practical but applicable, depending on who you’re making the zip pouch for.

4. Nesting doll zip pouches

Not exactly a free pattern. But, it’s one of those that you shouldn’t pass on! Great design and perfect use of your money.

5. Batman zip pouches

You can theme your zip pouch to just about anything. This one was themed after batman and the results are outstanding.

6. iPad Cozy zip pouch

Why not keep your iPad pens in an iPad themed cozy zip pouch? Try it out using this free pattern.

7. Embroidered zippy pouches

Impressive idea. There’s a free pattern you can use to recreate this fun zip pouch!

8. Quilt as you go zip pouch

A unique zip pouch using the quilt as you go method. Find out more about the pattern in the link to the free tutorial.

9. Shower curtain zip pouch

How about using shower curtains as your fabric? This inexpensive and ingenious zip pouch pattern is a must-try.

10. Lego zip pouch

Not a new idea but an all-time classic that is definitely worth your time. The tutorial is free and a must-try!

11. Embellished zip pouch

Give your zip pouch a pop by adding some ribbons or trim to the pattern. Don’t know how? There’s a free pattern for it.

12. Polka dot zip pouch

Use iron-on vinyl to make the polka dots on this pattern pop out and grab attention.

13. Sunglasses case tutorial

Keep track of your sunglasses with a fun and easy to carry case. Here’s the free pattern to help you do that.

14. Necktie zip pouch

Don’t throw away those old ties! Bring them back to life by using them to make this elegant zip pouch.

15. Polka dot zip pouch with a leather bottom

Test your hand stitching skills with this free polka dot zip pouch with a leather bottom for durability and class.

16. Seersucker leather foldover clutch

The Seersucker is the much-needed accessory you have been missing in your summer look. Grab this free tutorial and make the pouch yourself.

17. Leather and polka dot foldover clutch

Another great alternative to the Seersucker. Simple to make but just as fun and outstanding.

18. Boxed zip pouch tutorial

This small pouch is perfect for travelers. It offers extra space, and the leather trim gives it more durability.

19. Laminated toiletry bag

Perfect bag for travel. It’s made entirely from laminated fabric.

20. Curved top make up bag

Experiment on the difference a curved top brings to your simple zip pouch with this free tutorial.

21. DIY makeup bag with vinyl lining

With a vinyl lining, cleaning your pouch is not easier. All you have to do is wipe the interior.

22. Fruity cross Body zipper bag

Use your Cricut machine to make the fruity crossbody bag. They are perfect for school and as gifts to foodies.

23. Mad seamstress zipper pouch

Test your fabric printing skills with the mad seamstress zipper pouch. It’s fun with unlimited diversity to your creativity.

24. Fabric selvage zip pouch

Simple, elegant looking zip pouches with multiple applications.  

25. Emergency zip pouch

Add some fun and creativity to the word ‘Emergency’ with this unique zip pouch design.

26. Wax canvas zipper tutorial

Get some great tips on how to sew with waxed canvas on this zipper tutorial.

27. Pencil Pouches from Sweet Verbena

A great and fun way to keep your pens, pencils and other writing materials in order.

28. 2- Sided zip pouch

Simple yet fun zip pouch with loads of innovation and space. You can play around with the design to make it your own.

29. Wide Open Zip Pouch

Excellent everyday zip pouch. The keyring adds some diversity and class to the pouch.

30. Leather-trimmed zipper pouch

The leather corners reinforce the pouch and give it contrast and some bit of fun.

31. I’m so fancy Makeup bag

Another fun and printable zip pouch. You have to try it!

32. Felt heart earbud pouch

Not the largest pouch but definitely fun, practical, and worth making.

33. Chalkboard and fabric pencil pouch

The chalkboard vinyl gives this pouch a touch of class and ingenuity. Perfect gift for teachers!

34. Chalk cloth pencil pouch

Another chalkboard vinyl inspired pouch perfect for kids and teachers alike.

35. Oilcloth pencil pouch

This is a simple zip pouch to make because you don’t have to seam or line the pouch.

36. Circle zip earbud pouch

Dog Under My Desk offer’s this cool and easy to make earbud pouch to hold your makeup.

37. Gathered clutch pouch

A unique looking zip pouch perfect for school supplies like pencils and crayons.

38. Zip your lips pouch

A simple yet functional take on zip pouches. Definitely a must-try!

39. School supply zip pouches

Perfect little pouch for your earbud headphones.

40. Pleat clutch pouch

This little pleat clutch pouch is the perfect accessory for your look. And, it’s easy to make.

41. Toiletries case  

Lovers of travel, have all your travel-size essentials in this one of a kind pouch.

42. Ruffle zip pouch

Bring out your crazy and wild side with this unique pattern. Perfect for ladies and stay at home mums.

43. Zip mouth pencil case

A comical and fun pouch for the young at heart and those that love comedy.

44. Zip pouch with an exterior pocket

This zip pouch with exterior pocket boasts of simplicity and plenty of space for stationery and other small tools.

45. Dumplings Zip pouch

The addition of a flower throws the look of this pouch into another dimension.

46. Color-blocked zip pouch

Elegant pouch. Perfect for social events and complements bold and colorful looks.  

47. Exposed lace zip pouch

Experiment with the different use of lace to give this zip pouch depth and a touch of class.

48. Double zip pouch

Simple, elegant, and functional. This is what this unique pouch stands for.

49. Quilted iPad Mini Pouch

This mini pouch is the ultimate accessory for iPad lovers. Plenty of space and security for your iPad.

50. Zipper Pencil Case

Cute zipper pencil cases that can be personalized for boys or girls.

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