25 Free School Backpack Patterns

Tired of trying to find the best bag for your school going child? Why not just sew one? All you need is the right pattern and materials and you can make the perfect back to school bag for books.

1. Bow backpack

Features a classic style bow making this a timeless piece of creation that remains relevant for years.

2. Backpack back to school

Built with extra space and strength to haul more books as well as practice gear for after school sessions.

3. Angry Birds-inspired back pack

Perfect for Angry Birds lovers. Feature a cute design that will light up the eyes of your little one when they see the bag.

4. I-Heart School backpack pattern

An adorable, innovative pattern featuring a heart shape. Ideal for preschoolers and kindergarten students.

5. First day of first grade DIY backpack

Bright, colorful, and bold. Perfect for making that first impression and giving your child the best start on his first grade.

6. Precious unicorn backpack pattern

Go mythical with this unicorn design. You can never go wrong especially when it’s for your little girl.

7. Cat backpack pattern

Perfect for cat lovers and also when you’re looking to add a dash of creativity to your child’s new backpack.

8. Minibacks from upcycled shorts

Don’t throw away those old shorts that don’t fit anymore. Repurpose them to create these nifty backpacks.

9. Whimsical woodlands DIY backpack

Appeal to your child’s wild side with this whimsical backpack that features multiple wild animals. It’s adorable and functional.

10. Upcycled purse backpack pattern

Multipurpose backpack. You can use it for school, grocery runs or as an overnight bag when sleeping over.

11. Easy iPad Backpack Pattern and Tutorial

Bring you smart device wherever you go with this trendy backpack. It’s flashy, comfortable and pretty!

12. Convertible tote bag

A backpack and a crossbody bag all in one. Fitted with a magnetic closure for extra security.

13. Fat quarter backpack

Fat quarter backpack with floral embellishments for pizzazz and attention grabbing.

14. Slouch DIY backpack

A burlap inspired fashion-forward backpack with a casual effect. Perfect for dry cleaning runs.

15. Plaid DIY backpack

Made from an old flannel shirt. The perfect way to upcycle old clothes that have seen better days.

16. DIY Drawstring backpack

The perfect backpack patterns for all uses. Perfect for schools, casual outings or even going to the grocery store.

17. Draw strap backpack

Entry-level sewers, here’s a perfect project for you with expert level results. The backpack has a multitude of uses.

18. Pretty little backpack tutorial

A vintage inspired backpack that cuts across the ages. Perfect for kids, teens and adults.

19. Easiest knapsack ever

Just as the name describes, it’s not hard to make. Every beginning sewers dream project!

20. Bunny backpack pattern

A quirky backpack design ideal for little ones that can’t get enough of bunnies.

21. Simple summer backpack patterns

Get your kids to step out in these diverse summer inspired backpacks. Colorful and bold.

22. City Backpack

Perfect when you’re looking for something classy and sophisticated for runs in the city!

23. Pineapple backpack

Another great choice for kindergarten goers. It’s colorful and lovable. Your child will fall in love with this.

24. Hooded beach towel backpack

If you’re looking for a challenge, try this pattern. It will come in handy on sunny days spend by the beach.

25. Toddler backpack from Upcraft club

Ideal for toddlers that have a mature taste. Simple, elegant and not too flashy. Spacious enough to carry books and a few more effects.

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