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25 Free Easy Blouse Patterns | It's Sew Easy

25 Free Easy Blouse Patterns

Blouses make great gifts for you or your friends. There are tons of patterns out there that you can try out for beginners, intermediate or experienced sewers. Most blouse patterns only require basic sewing materials which makes them affordable and budget friendly. In case you don’t have the time to forage for the right pattern, here are some great patterns to get you started.

1. Upgrade a Basic Tee

If you’re pressed for time and you still want to work on your sewing skills, this simple sewing pattern is not only easy but quick. The results are also quite impressive.

2. Free Summer Top Pattern

This is a great pattern to work on during summer. It’s bold, vibrant and upholds the summer mood. It’s a beginner friendly pattern and one that you will have lots of fun making.  

3. Swing Shirt Tutorial

This flattering pattern is easy and comfortable to wear. It’s flowy and the sleeveless designs makes it the perfect outfit for the summer months.  

4. Classically Simple Top Pattern

The blue print of this stand out pattern gives the final product some nice details and adds a dazzle to your new tops. It’s the ultimate outdoor t-shirt.  

5. Shirr Thing for Spring

This little top has a sexy and functional appeal to it. It’s fitted with shoulder straps and its fabric makes it a great pick for spring or summer.

6. Easy and Pretty DIY Lace Sleeve Tank Top

Lace lovers, this vintage lace trim makes the perfect top to accentuate your skin color. The tops breathable design is perfect for sunny days out in the heat.  

7. Free Vintage Shirt Pattern and Tutorial

Here’s a quick and chic blouse pattern that you can cook up in about 3 hours. It’s perfect for beginners who want to jump over their blouse sewing jitters.  

8. Sobertto Top Free Pattern

This pattern makes a great top that you can wear to official functions. The little top is easy to accessorize with a pearl necklace because of its low cut neckline.  

9. Women’s Short Sleeve Pattern

Here’s a simple shirt that you can whip up in a few minutes. The pattern is beginner friendly and offers tons of information that you can use on other projects.  

10. Simple Bow Tie Top

Make this classy blouse at the comfort of your home. It’s an easy to make top perfect for sewers that don’t have much experience. The best part is, once done, the top looks like a work of art.  

11. Easy Peplum Top

Peplum tops are practical and work with almost any type of bottom. You can wear the top to a movie or a night out in town. You can even wear it to work. It’s all about how you pair and accessorize the top.  

12. Chiffon Blouse with Ruffles

Take up the challenge and try out this interesting chiffon blouse with ruffles.

13. Joyful Ruffle Neck Top

This classy top is a must-have in your closet. It’s easy and fast to make and doesn’t take up a lot of materials or time. 

14. Simple Scarf Halter Top

You can use this pattern to make blouses with a different look. The pattern allows you to try out different materials with excellent results.

15. Blouse with Asymmetrical Shoulder

Bring out the aspiring designer in you with this unique blouse pattern. It’s not as hard as it looks so don’t shy away.  

16. Threads Shawl Collar

This is a great blouse to make for that special upcoming event. It’s elegant, outstanding and an absolute attention grabber.  

17. Orange Blouse

You can make this lightweight blouse from silk, cotton, or linen depending on the occasion, season and what you’re more comfortable wearing.  

18. Ruffle Shirt 2

Once you have this blouse made, you will love it so much you will never want to take it off! The pattern does a great job of keeping the design easy to make even for sewers with limited experience.  

 19. Blouse with Flounce

Perfect your casual look with this unique blouse with flounces. With the right bottom, you can also wear it to some selected official events.

20. Upcycle Pillowcase to Top

Make the best out of your old pillowcases with a little help from this tutorial. This blouse is perfect for causal occasions and the summer months.  

21. Blouse with Chiffon Sleeves

Nothing tops the elegant look and design of this stunning blouse. It’s a great project to take on when you’re looking to improve your sewing skills and learn something new.  

22. Ruffle Shirt Tutorial

Give this ruffle shirt filled with femininity and flare a try. It is loads of fun to make and won’t take much of your time.

23. T-Shirt Twist

Here’s a great pattern that will take you no time at all and still make your old boring t-shirt fun, feminine and fashion forward.

24. Twist It Up Bandeau Top

This is an elegant design with long ends. You can twist and tie the top in different ways like an Indian Sari giving it endless ways of pairing it up.  

25. One Piece Sleeve Blouse

Simple, to the point. This is what this souped up blouse is all about. It’s perfect for chilly days and days when you want to cover up.

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