Free 21 Easy Quilt Patterns

Thinking of quilting on a budget? These 21 free and easy quilt patterns are a great place to start.

1. Kisses Quilt

This is a strip quilt. Like other strip quilts, the kisses quilt is fast and easy to sew and perfect for beginners.

2. Little Trees Quilt

This is a great quilt to work on over the holidays. The finalized quilt works for all seasons and is a great addition for outdoor lovers.  

3. Quilt as You Go Strip Quilt

This is a great quilt project to work on as you catch up with your friends. It’s perfect for beginners as well as experienced sewers looking to take a break from complex projects.  

4. Color By Number Quilt

This is another great strip quilt to work on. The tutorial is stripped to the bare basics to make this an excellent option for beginner quilters and experienced hands.  

5. Blueberry Pie Quilt Pattern

This quilt pattern uses the simple approach of log cabin piecing techniques and it’s jelly roll friendly. It also happens to be quick to make.

6. Sew a Gnome Quilt

Give this cute gnome block ever a try. Don’t be intimidated by how sophisticated the final quilt looks. It’s actually pretty easy to make.

7. Fat Quarter Fancy Quilt Pattern

If you have a stash of fat quarters you want put to some good use, this pattern has everything you need. It’s a fast and fun project to take on.  

8. Log Cabin Quilt Pattern

You can sew this quilt block in any size and you can arrange it in so many ways. If you’re on the hunt for quilt pattern that is customizable this will work for you.  

9. Candy Corn Quilt

Explore the unlimited options that this strip quilt pattern has to offer. The size of the quilt can be adjusted using different size strips.  

10. The Huddle Quilt

This is a great pattern when you want to make large prints the focal point of your creation. It also leaves plenty of white spaces for the eyes to wander.  

11. Star Cakes Quilt Pattern

There’s plenty to learn from this shortcut quilt. One of the lessons is how to make 8 half square triangles from two-layer cake squares.  

12. Baby Heavy Log Cabin Quilt

This log quilt pattern is the ultimate gift to show up with to a baby shower. It’s comfortable and cuddly.  

13. The Jumbo Hashtag Quilt

Big quilt patterns are fun and easy to make. This one involves making 18-inch quilt blocks to make this jumbo quilt.  

14. My No Bake Jolly Bar Quilt

Free shortcut quilt patterns are a fan favorite because they are quick and easy to make. The no bake jolly bar quilt is made from pre-cut fabric which makes it even easier.  

15. Bow Tie Baby Quilt Pattern

Gift your little boy with this bow tie quilt block pattern. It’s simple and sweet and goes with a variety of fabrics.  

16. Say Cheese Quilt

This quilting pattern that features vintage cameras, texty prints and cheese is a great surprise for your little ones.  

17. Orange Peel Quilt Blocks

This fresh and warm quilt pattern is reminiscent of the spring weather. It comes with a free template to make it easier to make the quilt.  

18. Pretty Pictures Quilt

This adorable quilt pattern makes use of panel fabrics. It’s a stunning work of art that uses easy applique and basic piecing to make the pictures stand out.

19. The Merry Stars Quilt

This holiday-themed star-in-a-star quilt is fast and easy to throw which gives your home a cozier and warmer feel. It makes a great gift during the Christmas period.  

20. New Fat Quarter Fizz Quilt Pattern

Here’s another great quilt pattern that uses fat quarters. You can play around with dark and light values and different fabrics.

21. Sparkle Quilt Pattern

Try this gorgeous quilt pattern that comes in numerous interesting colors. It’s a great and modern take on the baby blocks quilt layout.

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